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Jaipur Jewellery

Whether you are looking to know the latest trend in Fashion or love to wear traditional jewellery.A collection of graceful jewellery, handcrafted from gems, stones and diamonds in fascinating colors.
Color Stone Jewellery is also available in different pattern, texture, size and shape. Hand-engraved and Sterling Jewellery with slight touch of magnificence will definitely catch your eyes.
You can get a perfectly smoothed and highly polished Jewellery for your wedding day that expresses your grace and charm and makes that day so much special for you.

Gems Stone JewelleryGems Stone Jewellery

A gemstone is a piece of attractive mineral, which is cut and polished to make jewellery and other adornments. There are certain other rocks and organic materials, that are not minerals, but are still used for Jewellery, and are therefore often considered to be a part of gemstones family.

Kundan Jewelleryjaipur kundan jewellery

During Mughal period, the art of kundan work reached Jaipur from Delhi. Later on, craftsmen from the different part of the country migrated to the place and made jaipur a hub of Kundankari.

jaipur pearl jewelleryjaipur pearl jewellery

Pearls are for purity, pearls are for perfection. White pearls are the symbol of elegance and beauty and peace. They represent moon and are valued next to diamond.The pearls are made of aragonite and conchiolin, the material mollusk shells are made of. Pearl ornaments gained popularity in 19th century again when cultured pears were made. They have never lost their importance and popularity since then and have remained in fashion.

Meenakari Jewelleryjaipur meenakari

Meenakari Jewellery is a very famous form of jewellery in Jaipur. Preferred by numerous Royal families as traditional jewellery, Meenakari is very different from other types of Jewellery.

Lac JewelleryLac Bangles

Lac Jewellery, also known as lacquer jewellery, was mainly originated in Jaipur. It soon gained considerable popularity in India. Lac jewellery is available in versatile designs, which add to its beauty. Among the various items in lac jewellery, the bangles need a special mention.

Thewa JewelleryThewa Jewellery

Thewa is an art of fusing gold sheets on to glass, although its quite different to enameling. Different type of designs are engraved on the gold sheet, put on to the glass and encased in silver.


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Earring – Hangings

Earrings are jewelry attached to the ear through a piercing in the earlobe or some other external part of the ear (except in the case of clip earrings, which clip onto the lobe). In western cultures, earrings have traditionally been worn primarily by women, although in recent decades, ear piercing has also become popular among men in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.eraEarring 1Earring 5Earring 4Earring 2Earring 6Earring 3

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A purse is a small money container similar to a wallet, but typically used by women and including a compartment for coins, with a handbag being considerably larger; indeed, a purse is often kept in a handbag.

A purse or handbag is often fashionably designed, typically used by women, and is used to hold items such as wallet, keys, tissues, makeup, a hairbrush, cellular device or personal digital assistant, feminine hygiene products, or other items.

Sparkly Flap Handbag

06_leather_handbagsIf you just need a bit of leather to keep you happy, you’ll love this cute little bag from The Sak.

Made from sparkling knits with rhinestone accents, this bag adds a flirty touch to casual wear.

Leather Hobo Handbag

07_leather_handbagsPretty and feminine, this leather hobo bag combines casual styling with sexy detailing.

Great for dressier occasions (or to dress up casual wear), this unique handbag will definitely get compliments.

Croc Shoulder Bag


Offered in beige or green, this cute croc shoulder bag is as versatile as they come, and it’s unique shape makes it an unexpected accent.

Shiny Barrel Handbags

Shiny Barrel HandbagsThis cool satchel proves that leather handbags don’t have to cost a fortune to look great.

Available in aqua or rose, this casual little bag glimmers with silver-tone studs.

Doctor-Style Handbag

Doctor-Style HandbagMade from glazed leather, this doctor-style handbag is super-sophisticated, without being boring.

Available in black, brown or orange, this chic bag is ideal for the office.

Metallic Leather Satchel

Metallic Leather SatchelIn flame red or cinnamon brown, this metallic leather handbag will glisten and glimmer with every movement. Great for work, or play, this bag can go totally casual, or corporate dressy.

Chandelier Tote Bag

Chandelier Tote BagFor the girl who likes to feel like a princess, this leather handbag is the ultimate in luxury.

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Bridal Necklace Set

setBridal Zirconia Necklace Set

Description: Bridal Necklace Set. Base metal: Brass. Plating: Gold. Stones: Cubic zirconia stones in white color.

Price: Rs.4270

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Wedding Sarees

Bridal Sarees:

In India there is no greater event in a family than a wedding. Wedding is a dream occasion and every bride wants to look like a princess on this special day of her life. Women prefer to wear sarees in different styles in wedding function, but Indian wedding sarees have always been the flavor of the wedding. Wedding sarees range from a few thousand to a few lakh rupees.

The South Indian Kanjeevaram


Wedding Lehnga Colour and Design IdeasIn South Asia, the traditional colour of choice for the bride’s wedding dress is red. Brides wear the bridal saree or the bridal lehnga (a two-piece top and skirt outfit, see picture on the left) on their wedding day. Some brides wear the lehnga on their engagement and a saree on their wedding day. While others wear both on their wedding day, choosing to have multiple change of outfits through the day.


So in light of this new trend, I have compiled a few wedding lehngas that are anything but red! I hope you gain some inspiration from the compilation for your own weddings.


Check out Bhumika in beautiful Bridal Sarees.She looks gorgeous in both the sarees.
Nice colour combinations for both the sarees.
Green and Maroon colour saree is adorned with sequins, stones, zardosi, and zari embroidery for the boarders and for the blouse.

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Pair of delicate bangles crafted with white american diamonds and deep pink stones. This set is electroplated with both yellow radium polish.


Color : Pink
Weight : 850 gms

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