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Meal maker 1 cup
Tomato 5
onion number 2
green chilli  5
coriander powder 2 tps
cumin powder 1tps
ginger garlic paste 1  tps
musturd 1tps
cumin seeds 1tps
curry leaves
coriander leaves
red chilli powder to taste
salt to taste 1
turmaric tsp 1


  1. Boil water and add meal maker to boiled water soak it for 15 min. 
  2. sqeez the water from meal maker 
  3. Add oil to the pan add musturd and cumin seeds, add choped onions green chillies and curry leaves fry it then onions turns to brown color, add ginger garlic paste.
  4. Now add tomatoes and salt let tomotoes cook for 10 min so that all the tomatoes will get smash. 
  5. After that add coriander powder, cumin powder,turmeric powder, redchilli powder mix it well with tomotoes and add fried meal maker and add some water, let it cook another 10 min,add coriander leaves.    

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