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Sakinalu / chakinalu made during Sankranthi Festival in Telangana Region.This is made by only Telangana People.In every home this is the common snack at the Sankrathi festival.


Rice – 8 cups
Sesame seeds(nuvvulu)-1/2 cup
ajwain (oma)-2 tsp
salt – 4 tsp
sufficient water
oil for deep fry


Soak the rice in water about 6 to 8 hrs.drain the water completely.dry the rice in a cotton cloth about 2 hrs.

In a grinder grind the rice into fine powder.to this add sesame seeds, ajwain, salt. In a grinder grind the rice into fine powder.usually the powder made in a mill.to this add sesame seeds,ajwain,salt.let them to dry about 1 hr.heat the oil in a hallow container. with a flat shape plate,Take the sakinalu.drop it into oilother wise carefully so u can directly drop 3 or 4 at a time.slowly drop them in oil with with a flat shape plate.deep fry them till they turned into light golden color. sakinalu are ready to eat.store them in a airtight container can store up to 1month.

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